17 years of clinical research

The patented formula in REJUVENATE is the result 40 years of medical research by Dr. Robert Wolfe and 24 human, clinical trials conducted at the University of Arkansas by Dr. Arny Ferrando.

This research led to the development of the perfect ratio of essential amino acids for optimal muscle recovery, maintenance and repair. For a nutritional supplement invention to be patented, the formulation or process that creates the food or supplement must be novel/unique from anything else on the market.

The patented essential amino acid technology in REJUVENATE is indeed unique from anything else in its category. After years of research on various test subjects; from rehabilitation patients, to cancer patients, to burn victims, the perfect ratio of essential amino acids were discovered.

What most, if not all, nutritional supplements on the market today currently lack is actual proof to back up their claims. REJUVENATE has real proof to back up its ground-breaking claims.

Studies from the Geriatric Center at Arkansas University Medical Center show a single serving of REJUVENATE starts to work within 30 mins, increasing the bodies ability to rebuild and repair of muscle by 57% - even at rest, with or without exercise.  Daily use of REJUVENATE will help slow and prevent muscle loss, with noticeable results in as little as 30 days. It’s the first muscle health supplement of its kind.

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