REJUVENATE for Healthy Weight Management

The problem with all diets is that you don’t just lose fat, you also lose lean muscle mass and as a result you have a lower metabolic rate when you stop dieting and your body now needs less calories. Now your body is more susceptible to gaining fat.

This is known as YO-YO dieting. You lose it! You gain it back! And become fatter in the process with less lean muscle.

REJUVENATE to Maintain Healthy Weight

REJUVENATE is clinically proven to prevent muscle loss and also help your body rebuild lost muscle. No only does it help you maintain your energy, but regular use can increase your energy and help you stay active. Staying active through exercise is another key factor in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Don't cut back on nutrition as you cut calories to ensure you lose the least amount of muscle while you are reducing or managing body fat. Typical low calorie diets can result in a loss of up to 25% of lean tissue (like muscle) when losing weight. A focus on high quality nutrition and exercise is imperative to counter this unwanted muscle loss. This is where high protein foods and protein supplements such as REJUVENATE can help with healthy weight loss.

Healthy weight management is important for healthy aging, living your life to the fullest and STAYING STRONGER LONGER.

REJUVENATE is a new and innovative blend of essential amino acids that is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and mixes easily with water. Available in Fruit Punch or Raspberry, REJUVENATE comes in convenient single serve pouches and can be added to your protein smoothie for an extra boost of essential amino acids or enjoyed as a refreshing fruit drink post workout.

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