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Rejuvenate muscle health

How to Prevent Muscle Loss and Sarcopenia

Maintaining muscle health is key to healthy aging. Unfortunately, as we age, we see changes in our body composition, with body fat increasing and muscle mass decreasing. 

Starting in our 40’s we lose 1-3% of our muscle mass per year (more if you are inactive), and this number only increases as we enter our 50s and 60s. This muscle loss is called Sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia is gaining more attention as researchers begin to realize that sarcopenia is to muscle health what osteoporosis is to bone health. The negative affects as we age can affect the quality of life as we get older.

The Center for Disease Control has identified Sarcopenia as a medical condition that needs attention. Sarcopenia and a deficient muscle mass can negatively impact three of our greatest disease threats; diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

The REJUVENATE formula is the first clinically proven product to help prevent muscles loss. REJUVENATE was developed by the worlds leading researchers in protein and muscle metabolism with over 25 clinical trials during 17 years, and 20 million dollars invested.

REJUVENATE is a patented formulation of essential amino acids that, when consumed daily, can increase the rebuilding and repair of muscle by 57% and show noticeable muscle mass improvement within 30 days.

REJUVENATE is a blend of essential amino acids that you can trust to maintain your muscle health and live stronger longer.