Losing Muscle Mass

Losing muscle mass

Losing Muscle Mass With Age

Losing muscle is an inevitable part of aging. Known as sarcopenia, muscle loss due to aging begins in our 30 and its progression accelerates as we get older.

You can slow, and maybe even stop age related muscle loss in its tracks, by staying active and eating right. Including protein and essential amino acids that are the building blocks of muscle and strength, flexibility and balance are key to slowing muscle loss.

As we age, we need even more essential amino acids to build new muscle, stop age related muscle loss and repair muscle damage after exercise. It’s not always possible to get enough complete proteins through standard dietary changes, so a supplement like REJUVENATE, that contains all the essential amino acids, will work to help you re-build and maintain muscle, with and without exercise.

REJUVENATE is clinically proven to enhance muscle health. The patented blend of essential amino acids (including BCAAs) have been shown to be 5x more effective than whey protein alone in rebuilding muscle and preventing muscle loss.

REJUVENATE, when taken daily, shows an 800% increase in strength while recovering from surgery or illness. It shows a positive muscle response even without exercise, but is more effective in slowing muscle loss when combined with exercise.

Create a Plan to REJUVENATE Your Muscles

Slow down the onset of muscle aging, prevent sarcopenia, keep your muscles and metabolism happy and your energy levels high.

Step 1 — Resistance training, for strengthening your muscles and flexibility. If you don't have access to a gym, these at home strength exercises are great and so easy to do from anywhere in your home,

Step 2 — Review your diet to make sure that you are getting enough protein, which will help your muscles to respond to your efforts to rebuild them. Adding protein powder with leucine is an easy way to get that extra protein kick you need.

Step 3 — Add REJUVENATE to your daily diet, which contains all nine essential amino acids, including the very important BCAAs, that your muscles need to slow down age related muscle loss.

Mix a packet of REJUVENATE in a glass of water to send our patented blend of essential amino acids straight to your muscles. REJUVENATE - when taken daily - works to maintain lean muscle mass, even when you are not working out, but works even better if you exercise regularly.

Your muscles are also craving protein. A healthy protein smoothie is an easy way to get a boost of 20g of quality protein with added nutrients your body needs after a good calorie burning session.

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