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REJUVENATE Taken Daily Improves Muscle Health

REJUVENATE is a patented blend of essential amino acids (including branched chain amino acids - BCAA’s) developed to increase protein synthesis in the body and improves muscle health.

Protein synthesis is the process of building new protein – the main building blocks of your muscles. Muscle protein synthesis is the process of building muscle protein specifically, something that is vital to healthy aging.

Traditionally new muscle is built by strength training, exercise or lifting heavy weights. Unfortunately as we age, the building of new muscle not only slows, but we actually begin to lose muscle mass, resulting in frailty as we get older. 

REJUVENATE can change that. 

REJUVENATE Taken Daily Improves Muscle Health

REJUVENATE is the first supplement of its kind to generate positive muscle response without exercise and when used with exercise, doubles its ability to rebuild and repair muscle. Studies from the Geriatric Center at Arkansas University Medical Center show a single serving of Rejuvenate increases the body’s ability to rebuild and repair muscle by 57 percent with noticeable muscle mass improvement within 30 days when taken daily. It’s the first muscle health supplement of its kind.

REJUVENATE is a new and innovative blend of essential amino acids that is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and mixes easily with water. Available in Fruit Punch or Raspberry, REJUVENATE comes in convenient single serve pouches and can be added to your protein smoothie for an extra boost of essential amino acids or enjoyed as a refreshing fruit drink post workout.

Designed to address the global concerns of an aging population, REJUVENATE can slow and even reverse the effects of muscle loss, also known as Sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is an age-related loss of muscle mass that can begin as early as age 40 because the body’s ability to process protein dramatically slows down.

After age 40 the body has a much tougher time rebuilding muscle with resistance training and processing protein for muscle gain. REJUVENATE is the first supplement that really addresses reversing this age-related muscle decline and allows your body to rejuvenate back to your younger self so that when you exercise or intake protein it’s rebuilding and repairing muscle like you’re in your 20s or 30s.

REJUVENATE comes in single serve pouches and can be mixed with regular water. It’s recommended to take one, 8-ounce glass of REJUVENATE every morning or after exercise. Each serving contains only 5 calories, is low in fat and contains zero sugar, dairy or gluten.

REJUVENATE is available at major retailers and www.rejuvenatemuscle.com.